Todays topic

I should start by telling you that the primary reason for my website is to connect me with a wider audience than I have down the pub, and if possible to encourage enough people to read my ramblings so that a few advertisers will pay for a space here. In other words to increase my income.

My plan is to just write a short paragraph or so each day about the current state of the world as I see it, and to ask readers for any thoughts or comments that they may have on the subject.

Recently a number of people who as far as I know had no reason to be ashamed of themselves, lost their lives in a brand new Boeing aircraft which appears to have dived into the ground in an unaccountable way.

I don’t fly much myself these days as I have seen most of the parts of the world in which I have an interest, But when I did take to the sky to go abroad it was mostly in machines that the pilot had some means of controlling if anything went awry with the automatic systems. It would seem that that option has been taken away from the modern fly by wire pilot.