My favourite novelist

Over quite a long lifetime I have read a huge number of books from the sayings of Confucius to Arthur C. Clark, but of all the books that I have poked my nose into by far the favourites are the series of historical novels by Patrick O’Brian.

Here I hope you will find, a master of the English language who can capture a scene or a character and place it, him or her, before your minds’ eye with the assurance of Dickens, to the point where you can taste the food and feel the pain of the torture chamber. Who can place the reader alongside the protagonists in the story and cause them to feel as if they are actually there in person.

The novels concern a young Naval Lieutenant of the British Navy who works his way up through the Naval promotion list between the years of 1796 and 1825 or thereabouts, the years when sail was the main means of propulsion and cannon were the means of overpowering the enemy. Our hero is just as much at home on the briny, on horseback, or in bed with a handsome woman, and his skills as a navigator are an education to anyone who would venture to sail upon the wide ocean.

In a future edition of this blog I intend to introduce my readers to a few extracts from his works to whet your appetites. If your appetite is already whetted the ISBN No of the first book in the series is 0-00-649915-5. Let me know how you get on.