My hobbies

Everyone should have some sort of an occupation for their spare time that affords them firstly some pleasure, and ideally some exercise both for the mind and the body.

A hobby that I have only recently started, is writing this blog. Another pastime I have is trying to be a musician. I have been trying to be a musician since I was sixteen years old, which means that I have been at it for about sixty four years and still I find, as all serious musicians do, that there is room for improvement. The instruments that I endeavour to play are the double bass and the trombone. I also enjoy keeping my little plot of land in good order and until recently I was the owner of a 24 ft sloop but unfortunately the cost of running it could not be justified and therefore it had to go. In some future blogs I hope to include some pictures of the bands and orchestras that I play in, or have played in, the garden, and the boat, if I can find photos that are suitable.