Wet Feet

All over the news for the last couple of days has been the flooding of the Don valley.

Obviously we must sympathise with those householders who have been driven from their homes by the rising water level. However I believe that we should question the judgement of those officials who have agreed to allow the building of domestic habitations in an area whose local name is Fishlake. As most local names are given by local people to identify certain features of the local area I assume that at some time in the past the area now under immolation must have contained a lake in which were to be found a quantity of fish.

Now you may call me an idiot, and you would not be the first to do so, but if I were to start building a home for myself in a place called Fishlake I would certainly delve into the local history of the place and even if there were no record of any lake or fish, just looking at the topography would confirm that the area was vulnerable to flooding, and that being the case I would be inclined to have the living quarters raised above the likely water level in the case of a flood. The result of taking such measures of course would result in dry feet.