Beat that bookmaker

I have been working for about five years on finding a way to recover some of the money that I have lost to various bookmakers over the course of my working life. There seems to be only one way to be a winner against these [very helpful people if you like to lose], and that is to play them at their own game.

You may know that the reason that your friendly bookmaker comes out ahead of the game most of the time is because he knows his subject inside out, and with that knowledge he is better able to predict the outcome of any event than we are. As he is fairly certain of which horse, dog, race car driver, football team etc will win the event, he then proceeds to load the dice in his favor by giving us odds on all the outcomes which ensures that he is not likely to lose whatever happens.

Bookmakers however do not have the gift of second sight. Also horses, dogs and human beings don’t always perform as they are expected to, which allows us an opportunity to win more often than we lose.

More on this subject later in the week